Anonymous sent: when you were freezing alone in your house and you needed Eunhyuk to cuddle so you could get warmer *a fluff please :3*

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Super Junior / EunHyuk

Requested by Anon

Who; EunHyuk of Super Junior

Plot; When you’re freezing and you need Eunhyuk to warm you up. A fluff.


The snow had been falling outside for three days now. Your boss had even called you and told you to stay at home, the roads were iced, even the rails for the public train had frozen over and weren’t safe. You weren’t too upset about it. You enjoyed the snow, especially when you didn’t have to go outside in it. It gave you the chance to catch up on movies that you hadn’t seen. Or at least you tried. But the snow heavy on the cables outside threatened to break them, and that was about to put an end to all your fun. You were just praying that the lights didn’t go out. Without heat, this little “vacation” of yours would all fall to pieces. 

About 45 minutes away in the tall building that held his dorm, Hyukjae was watching the news with his bandmates. Some had been stuck at their own homes or their parents homes when the snow started and there was no way of getting them home now. The only people who were permitted for their own safety to be outside were the brave men who drove snow plows. Outside of that, it wasn’t likely that anyone was going to be going anywhere. Television was going to be a horrible day of old movies on repeat. Hyukjae went to his room and laid on his bed, being a little thankful that he didn’t have to wake up early that morning and be driven around. He laid back on his pillows and picked up the latest book of One Piece and began to read. He was about 3 chapters in before his phone went off. He looked at the screen and saw your face plastered against the glass. He laughed. He remembered taking that picture of you. Against a glass wall at your parents home. And then used it as your picture on his phone. So anytime you number came up it looked like you were trapped in his phone. 

"Hello beautiful." he answered with a chuckle. 

"Hi Oppa. I just wanted to check in on you to make sure you weren’t stuck somewhere." you said happily from your couch. Wrapped in a blanket and sipping hot coco while the second Harry Potter movie played in the background. 

"Nah, the snow was still coming down from the other day. I haven’t left the dorm in those days. We thankfully have enough food I think until the snow breaks. How about you? You’re not stuck at work or anything are you?" he asked with a bit of concern in his voice. 

"Noo… actually my boss called me early this morning and told me not to bother trying to come in." you chuckled. 

"I can understand why. I was just watching the news with the hyungs and they said that no one except the guys who run plows are supposed to be out on the street. It’s too dangerous." 

"Yikes, I didn’t know it had gotten that bad." you said, before the lights in your house went out. "Uh oh.." was all you got out before you lost signal. 

All around Seoul, patches and neighborhoods went dark. The light poles, bogged down with snow and ice, entirely gave up. There was no saving the cables. You piled on the couch since it was closer to the bathroom than your bedroom. You grabbed every blanket you owned and made your own blanket fort. You grabbed the camping unit you kept in the hall closet. It was only a one burner type, but it could heat up just about anything you wanted to make. 

Morning dawned, still swirled in snow. You were beginning to feel like you were living in a snow globe that was being constantly shook. You braved to open your front door and saw nothing. Snow had piled right up against your door and windows except for your bathroom window. It was higher up. You dragged a chair from the kitchen table to squeeze between the toilet and sink. You peered out and all you saw was white and flurries. 

"Well this is a fine mess." you mumbled. You had begun to give up hope when you began to hear a scraping coming from outside your front door.

It was constant and you had no idea what it was. All you knew was it was getting closer and closer to your front door. You began to think of a horror movie with this same premise. A man and his two children saw a figure outside their house in the dark, and they weren’t sure if they were keeping it out or they locked it inside with them. You retreated back to the couch and stared at your front door for hour after hour. Sometimes it stopped, for up to 20 minutes at a time, but by the third hour it was almost through. You could see the shadow under the crack of the door. What if it was a burglar? Not likely though. No burglar would have gone to all that work to get through. 

You weren’t going to have to wait much longer for the answer. The door knob rattled. You squeeked like a mouse and hid in your blanket fort. Not that you really expected it to be much protection for all the horrible scenarios that were going through your head. Then, the door unlocked, and the door swung open, letting in an arctic breeze. It quickly shut again. You heard heavy foot steps. The labored breath of someone, a man. Just when you’d almost finished giving away everything you owned in your head, a familiar voice called softly, “Jagiya?” 

You peeked your head out of the blanket fort. And there he stood. Hyukjae. 

"Oppa?" you asked in wonder, as if you really didn’t believe it was him. He started with your loud tone. 

"Oh mi god.." he flinched, "You scared me. What were you doing in there? Did you… did you make a blanket fort? Aish you’re so cute." he smiled and came over to hug you. As if waken up from your nightmares of someone trying to break into your house you hugged him in return. 

"But Oppa, what’re you doing here? I thought no one but the plow people were supposed to be outside?" you asked leaning back from his embrace to see his face. 

"Haha, plow people." he teased and kissed your nose. "Well, they are, but when your phone died, and then I saw that your neighborhood was one of the many on this side of town that had gone out, I had to come and check on you. Took me forever to get to your door too. I’m surprised you didn’t hear me." he mentioned while he took his jacket off as it was sopping wet. 

"Well actually.." you blushed, "I didn’t sorta hear you…. but I didn’t know what it was… and I was scared so I hid." you felt embarrassed and really bad now for letting him do all that digging for nothing. 

"Oh, well yeah I guess it is kinda weird and creepy. Your whole neighborhood is like that though. Paranoia could settle in. So, what are we reading?" he asked as he snuggled under the covers on the couch and turned your lantern on from the coffee table. He grabbed at the piles of books and finding a cover that looked interesting, started reading. When you didn’t sit down, he looked up and smiled that megawatt smile, and opened his arms to you, inviting you to come snuggle with him and read.

You snuggled against him and cheered up at the warmth while opening the book you had been reading, feeling safe and happy for the first time in days. While reading the lights suddenly came back on. The heater as well kicked back on and you breathed another sigh of relief. Looking at Hyukjae though, you turned all the lights off, and snuggled back with him on the couch, just with a few less blankets. Why ruin a perfectly good excuse to be together?


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Super Junior / KyuHyun

Requested by bjaanesantosxoxo

Who; KyuHyun

Plot; When he courts you.


KyuHyun went into his closet and was looking for his navy blue blazer for your date. He wanted to look especially put together tonight. Glancing at the dresser in his bedroom, he grinned looking at the red velvet box. It contained couple rings. He thought that after almost 8 months of dates that you two were ready for that step and he hoped as he took the blazer off the hanger, and laid it with the rest of his clothes that you agreed.

Jumping in the shower, he scrubbed, washed, shaved all the while singing to himself. Something he rarely did, since singing was what he did all the time for his job. Only when he was really happy, or really nervous did he sing to himself. It was a coping mechanism that he’d learned to calm himself. Even though you two had been together for so long, it was still a short amount of time compared to some other people and he was afraid of what you’d say. He wished he could be sure of your thoughts. He turned the water off and as he dried, then lotion-ed himself, he wondered what you were doing.

Freaking out! That’s what you were doing. You couldn’t decide what to wear and the time to get ready was slowly ticking away. You couldn’t decide on the solid blue party dress or the cream sheath dress. More so, the blue suede box sitting on your night stand stood out every time you looked at the clock.

You and KyuHyun had been together for months now. Months! And he still hadn’t asked you formally to be his girlfriend. So since he was to afraid to do so, you had taken matters into your own hands after reading a lot of equality and feminist posts on your tumblr wall, and realized what a fool you had been to wait so long. You had wanted to be his girlfriend after the first date. Why were you waiting so long? If you wanted him, you had to go after him! Emboldened by that thought, you had gone to the jewelry store and purchased a set of couple rings. You specifically asked for a suede box, knowing velvet was a little to girly for a guy who shot zergs in the face every chance he got.

You settled on the cream sheath dress and picked out statement pieces of jewelry, a sparkly belt and metallic heels. That should catch his attention, and if not, the box would. While you were in the shower, a thought came to you, what if the box didn’t fit into your purse? You opened your eyes at that thought in shock and then doubled over in pain when the shampoo stung them. Ow! ow ow ow ow!!! Babo!

You stood outside the restaurant and pulled your shawl closer to your body. It was the last bits of winter, the air was warming up, but there was a sting and bite in the wind when it turned dusk. You saw KyuHyun’s car and waved after he parked. He got out of the drivers seat after he looked like he was talking to himself. You arched a perfectly sculpted brow at this. KyuHyun wasn’t one to act odd like that. Donghae Oppa and Henry sure.. but not KyuHyun.

"Hey.." he murmured against your temple as he kissed you quickly. "You look wonderful, as always." his whisper caressed your ear and caused you to blush like peonies in spring.

"Thank you Oppa, you look quite dashing, I must say." you smirked as his blush mimicked your own.

"This old thing?" he asked imitating HeeChul. You laughed so hard you almost snorted. People walking into and out of the restaurant looked at you oddly. You covered your mouth and tried to compose yourself without smearing your lip blam.

"Oppa!" you scolded playfully, "Stop that before people refuse to let us in! I’m hungry."

"Okay okay, I’m sorry." he held out the crook of his arm, "Shall we m’lady?" he asked gallantly. You rolled your eyes but took his arm and went in.

You both ate, and chatted and talked like nothing could stop you. It was only when he reached for his napkin, or you touched your purse that a look fell over your faces. Neither of you saw the other, only because you were too worried about your own to notice the others.

"Shall we go walk?" he inquired after you finished desert. You nodded and muttered something about less time on the treadmill later. You removed the broach from the shoulder of your dress and used it to pin your shawl closed so you were free to hold your purse in one hand, and his hand in the other. Walking the streets so late was dangerous at times, but you kept to well lit areas, never strayed away from main streets, and only ventured into the shadows to steal a sweet kiss or two when the nerve was got up between the two of you. Didn’t happen very often.

You both turned down a path you’d walked many times before and settled on a bench in front of the 4 tier fountain in the middle of the park. You chatted more, all about KyuHyun’s upcoming schedule, his leaving the country for the next Super Show, and the programs he’d been on lately that had kept him from you. All of which he apologized repeatedly for. He knew you wished he was around more often, but it was impossible with his schedules. You understood, and seldom complained. Just being with him, snippets at a time, were worth more than having a boyfriend around full time that you were less in like with.

"So, ______-ah, there’s um.. something I’ve wanted to bring up. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to tell you and um… I’m not sure how well you’re going to take it. And I don’t know how our relationship is going to change but I hope it doesn’t ruin anything. I mean, we’re great friends and I enjoy spending time with you but… well it’s not what I want anymore." he paused at the wrong time and your body posture went stiff.

"I see." you said quietly. You silently willed yourself not to cry. "Well I’m glad you decided to treat me to dinner before you told me that you were getting rid of me." you tried to keep the bitterness out of your voice and not act foul but it was difficult.

"What? No.. it’s not what you think.. please.. " he motioned for you to not get up from the bench.

"What else can I think? You just blatantly told me you don’t want to be friends and spend time together anymore." you said after brushing his hand off your shoulder and pulling your shawl tighter around your body. You felt a chill that wasn’t coming from the air.

"No.. no. ______-ah, don’t do this, let me explain please." he stuttered as he followed you.

"Look," you snapped as you turned on a dime and he almost ran into you, "If you didn’t want to be together with me for this long, then why didn’t you just say so. I am not some shriveled wallflower who needs a man to take care of her."

"I never said—"

"I am my own person.."

"I know you are and I—"

"No one asked you to come save me anyway!"

"But I—"

You turned back on your heel and he sighed not quite understanding what was going on and why you wouldn’t let him talk, but he followed you the whole way back to your car. He stood in front of your door, and you went into a long rant about how he could fall on his keys, and by fall you meant face first, when he grabbed either side of your face and kissed you. This was altogether too much! How dare he.

But the more you fought to get away, the tighter he held on and deeper he kissed you. Before you knew it, his tongue was in your mouth and he had one arm wrapped around your waist. You were so shocked you didn’t know what to do. The feminist in your head was telling you to cuss him out further. No man would stand for something like this. Gender equality all the way! But the other half of you, the side that fought with your feminist ideals, the side that wanted to dress like a princess and be swept off your feet. The more his tongue caressed yours the less angry you got. There was no way he’d kiss you like this if he was breaking up with you. Once he had pulled away, and your body stopped quaking he bumped your nose with his causing you to breathlessly open your eyes.

"Are you going to listen to me now?" he questioned gently. You nodded, a little ashamed of flying off the handle.

"I was trying to say, I don’t want to be just friends who spend time together anymore. It’s not working for me. I want to officially be with you." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the velvet box. You looked at it, then at him and laughed. You laughed hard, loud and long. KyuHyun looked confused and a bit hurt, not understanding what was so funny about his confessing his level of liking you.

"Is that… do you mean.. no? or?" he stumbled over his words. You looked at him and felt bad at your reaction.

"No my darling. I would never say no to your feelings. It’s just funny because.." you opened your purse and brought out the suede box. "I had the same idea." he looked incredulously at the box and then at you.

"I guess we really are more alike than we thought. But, why? Why did you feel you needed to do this? Didn’t you think I would ask you?" he pondered as you compared rings. The style was almost exactly the same.

"Because I didn’t want to wait for you. I didn’t want to feel like I had to sit here and just be the "good girl" and wait for you to make up your mind. That’s not entirely fair to me. This is 2013, women go after what they want, and if that bone melting kiss is a peek at what’s to come between you and I, then I definitely want you." you teased.

His only reaction was to blush a bright pink as you exchanged rings. His on the left hand, yours on the right hand. You interlaced fingers and you returned the favor from the kiss earlier.


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Anonymous sent: hi! can i request a Super Junior scenario where youre sad/crying about Heechul and Leeteuk's enlistment, and your bf Ryeowook is there to comfort you? <3 btw, happy new year!

written and posted.

Super Junior / RyeoWook

Requested by Anon

Who; RyeoWook, HeeChul, LeeTeuk

Plot; When you’re upset that HeeChul / LeeTeuk have enlisted and your RyeoWook comforts you.


You shifted your position on the bed and sniffling, reached for another tissue. Your Oppa, LeeTeuk had enlisted in the army, and you had been so devastated then, as well as HeeChul. They were so much more of big brothers than your own brother ever was. Your own brother teased you, called you sissy for crying about everything, and a whole bunch of other insensitive names. It was true that you were overly sensitive and cried at almost everything, but LeeTeuk Oppa always did his best to soothe you. HeeChul Oppa would be so blunt about how stupid people were, so ended up laughing majority of the time. 

It was funny because you never saw him in a romantic type way. Not ever. But RyeoWook, he was your joy in life. He was just so cute and considerate and you liked him so much. Even he didn’t know why you chose him to date instead of LeeTeuk but he didn’t complain.

You smiled momentarily through your tears at the memories of you and RyeoWook together. A glance at your hand though, and spotting the delicate ring on your pinkie sent a fresh wave of tears down your cheeks. It was a thin gold band, with three hearts. HeeChul and LeeTeuk told you that the two outside hearts were theirs and the middle one was yours. They explained they would always screen whoever dated you, because you deserved the best. Which is why they grilled RyeoWook for over an hour before they agreed that he could date you. They knew RyeoWook would take care of you, and they also knew that you wouldn’t do him wrong. You wouldn’t date him and tell everyone, or try and take expensive gifts from him, or take him for a ride and leave him in ruins. You two matched.

But now, your world was turned upside down. The news was plastered with stories about North Korea having nuclear bombs and threatening to launch them, test them. And since the war between North and South Korea never ended, but was merely on a stand by, the thought of your Oppas, and all the servicemen now in the army, being in the front line of fire tore you apart. You also knew that YeSung Oppa would be the next to go. Just that thought alone pushed you over the emotional edge and you began to sob.

You didn’t hear the soft tapping on your door as you cried, so RyeoWook managed to creep in and was sitting on your bed before you knew he was even there.

”______-ya,” he murmured tenderly, “what’s the matter?”

The last bit of tears dripped down your neck as your blurry vision came into focus and seeing it was him, you replaced your pillow with him and laid your aching head on his shoulder.

"I was…w-was watching the….n-news and b-b….b-bombs.." you hiccuped into his neck. RyeoWook felt his heart clench a moment and gathered you up and pulled you closer.

"Aww, _______ -ya, I know you’re upset, I’m a little bit scared too, but you can’t cry till you get sick. Neither Hyungs would want that. Right?"  he soothed you, or tried by rubbing your back and shoulders. You snuggled into his arms and wrapped your own arms around his torso. Normally you weren’t very touchy feely, but your feelings were just over pouring and you couldn’t stop them. You needed comfort and with RyeoWook, you weren’t afraid to ask for it.

"It’s just so scary Oppa… and YeSung Oppa’s going in next and…" your eyes started to water up again, but RyeoWook managed to cut you off before you completed the depressing thought.

"Shhhh, YeSung Hyung will go into the Army like we all will, and just like all the Hyungs before us, we will be gone, but come out fine. Nothing will happen to them. We’ll all go through training, that will keep us alive should something happen. But staying here in your room and crying like a faucet isn’t doing anyone any good. You’re just making yourself sick. HeeChul Hyung and LeeTeuk Hyung will never forgive me if I don’t keep you healthy. I promised them before they left. So please my pretty girl, smile for me."

RyeoWook brushed his thumbs over your cheeks and his lips ghosted over your forehead, and hovered dangerously close to your lips.

"Come on now… smile. You’re pretty always, but you’re gorgeous when you’re smiling."

A light pink flush spread across your cheeks like water colour. You and RyeoWook had only kissed maybe a handful of times, and non of them had been much more than a nervous peck or awkward kiss while people were watching. But you did as he said, you took a deep breathe and smiled at him. The water in your eyes made you like vulnerable, very open, and absolutely perfect to him. You were so brave in RyeoWook’s opinion, because you could express your feelings with no restrictions. Both good and bad.

"Thank you pretty girl." he whispered leaning his forehead to yours. You smiled wider and rubbed your nose against his.

"Thank you Oppa. LeeTeuk Oppa and HeeChul Oppa made the right choice when they decided it was you who’d make me happiest of all." you whispered back. He blushed but smiled and quietly chuckled.

"Glad to be of service to you pretty girl." he was inching closer, you felt your heart start to pound, and your breathe become shallow. Why were you so nervous? It wasn’t like it hadn’t happened before. There was no reason for you to feel nervous, he was your boyfriend and you had been together for quite some time now…

By the time you processed all this information, his lips were already against yours. You drew in a sharp breathe through your nose, the seconds ticked away, and the longer they went by, the more you melted into his arms. The butterflies in your stomach had turned into WWII fighter jets and tore up your insides, your skin broke out in goosebumps, and you were hyper sensitive to every little noise. The sound of his breathing against your skin, your pants shifting against the blanket on the bed, his hand sliding further around your back pulling you closer. Then you entered a state of zen where everything was in perfect balance, and you just stopped thinking.

When he slowly pulled away, your lower lip caught in his teeth for just a moment, tugging on it, your whole body shook. He blushed looked away for a moment, breathing deep as if trying to collect himself. You opened your eyes and felt like everything that had just happened was a dream. It was amazing that all it took was just a compliment from him and you were no longer crying. While he looked away, you rested your chin back on his shoulder and snuggled back into his frame.

He smiled as you did so and wrapping his arms around you, leaned his head against yours and simply held you.


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mycrackedseoul sent: Can you write a story with 2NE1 and how they meet or how they disband? (or something along the lines of 2NE1 and the whole group. I'm bad with ideas -_-'' ) Thanks~~ ^.^

Done and posted. (finally)

2ne1 Scenario

Requested by

Who; 2ne1 - Park Bom, Park Dara, CL, & Minzy.

Plot; The request was for either them becoming a group, or splitting up, or something along the lines of the whole group. Since I’d rather not make a sad scenario at the moment, we’re gonna go with random. :D


"Minji-yah!" Bom yelled through out the dorm. "I thought you trained Dougie-ya to go outside!" she wrinkled her nose and regarded the puddle on the floor with great disfavor. Minzy came out of her room, after trying to clean it up and with a bewildered look on her face.

"Unnie.. what is… AISH.. Dougie YAAAAHH!!! Waaaeeee!!!" Minzy stomped her foot with frustration. "You were doing so good! No, don’t you go hide from me under the table. I ought to send you to obedience training!"

"Yah, what’s going on! Minji ya, what are you yellin… Oh not again!" CL came into the dorm with Dara to find out what all the noise was. She could hear Minzy’s voice out in the hallway.

"Unnnniiieeeee, I don’t know what her problem is." Minzy said flailing her arms around. "She was doing well and always going on the puppy pad if I couldn’t walk her, but now she’s just going everywhere all the time. She doesn’t ever let me know like she used to, she just goes. What am I going to do? Bom Unnie is getting upset and the whole dorm is going to smell like pee if she doesn’t stop."

"Maybe you should get a dog trainer." Dara suggested eating bread in the kitchen with her feet on the chair as Dougie chased a toy under the table. She had learned to pick up Dougie when she was smaller and not so energetic. But now that she was bigger, and stronger, Dara’s fear had returned.

"I think that might be the only way. She doesn’t listen to me anymore. Aish, so independent. She went from such a fat belly little pup to a strong minded dog. She’s still so cute, but what a handful." Minzy nodded.

Two days later, a dog trainer came to the dorm, and for 2ne1 tv, they decided to film it. The man who walked in looked like he belonged in a rock band. He was not your traditional type of anything really.

"Ahn young hae say yo, I’m Dash." he said bowing to everyone. They all sat down on the couch and he sat in a side chair. "So, tell me why I’m here?" he asked.

"It’s because of Dougie-ya…" Minzy piped up. "When she was a puppy I trained her to use puppy pads, but lately she doesn’t listen to me anymore. We wake up and she’s just gone where ever. I don’t know why, but it has to stop. Bom Unnie isn’t very happy and the whole dorm will be ruined if she starts pooping in here too."

"Well has your schedule changed? Are you spending less time with her?" He asked. Minzy thought about that and had to nod.

"Yes, when she was a small puppy I brought her everywhere because she was so small and she couldn’t be left alone. But now that she’s grown up, I didn’t think it was important to have her with me all the time."

"Well, that could be the reason. She could be feeling like she’s been pushed to the side and because she can’t verbalize it, this is how she lets you know that she’s upset."

"So does that mean that we have to bring her everywhere with us from now on?" Dara asked interested from the far side of the couch.

"Not necessarily. She just needs to be assured that you’re coming back. She needs to be given regular play time, and special time with you so she knows she’s still important. She’s probably developing an anxiety about being left alone." Dash said as he leaned over and pet the chocolate brown dog on the head.

"Yah, so this is my fault, that she’s acting like this?" Minzy asked, biting her bottom lip.

"Not on purpose, but you’ve never had a dog before have you?" Dash asked. Minzy shook her head. "That’s probably why."

"Unnie, did button or coco ever act like this?" Minzy asked looking over at Bom. Bom tilted her head and blinked a few times before answering.

"I don’t think so. But when I wasn’t home, one of my parents were. And then when we had both, they kept each other company. It wasn’t just her by herself. So they never had a reason to have an anxiety."

"Yes, that’s right. So let’s get to work, and I’ll teach you how to train her, and give you a schedule that will hopefully work for your schedules and keep her from being upset anymore."

For the next few hours, the girls and a bag of treats taught Dougie to sit, stand up, beg and roll over. She seemed to soak up the attention and finally, tired out, laid jumped up onto Minzy’s lap and drifted off to sleep.

"My poor Dougie. I neglected you like a bad parent didn’t I? I’m so sorry. I should have known you wouldn’t be bad on purpose. You were a willful pup but you were never bad. Hopefully this schedule works."

It took a lot of work on Minzy’s part but she somehow found the strength every night to play with Dougie and kept her from tearing up things and using the dorm floor for her bathroom. In time she also taught her more tricks.

"Yaahh Oppa, come look!" Minzy called G-Dragon. He came over and smiled. "Watch what Dougie can do." She got Dougie to come, sit, stay, beg, roll over, paw, and then said Bang! and Dougie rolled over on her back liked she’d been shot. G-Dragon laughed, and Minzy squealed. She’d finally gotten the whole routine down. "She’s been working so hard on that for that so long. I’m so proud of my daughter." she said laughing giving Dougie a treat and lots of hugs.

"I wonder if I could teach Gaho to do that."

"It’ll be a lot of work, but I’m sure you could."

"Waahh look at you being so complimentary. When did you become this person?" G-Dragon teased.

"Oppaaaaaa.. why do you always have to be like that? I don’t want to play with you anymore." Minzy said pouting.

"You don’t ever like playing with me." he laughed.

It was true.


So rather fluffy. But I hope you like. :) I’m going to give final push and hopefully get all the scenarios I have requested in done before Christmas. Wish me luck. We all know my track record when I’m hitting a block on writing.

Anonymous sent: Who: Donghae. Plot: When you confess to Donghae you're leaving him for Siwon. (A sad scenario)

Done and posted.

Super Junior / DongHae

Requested by Anon

Who; Donghae of Super Junior feat. SiWon

Plot; When you tell Donghae you’re leaving him for SiWon. 


Even after you heard the front door open and shut, you kept folding clothes and putting them in your suitcase. You heard his footsteps come up to the bedroom door and stop. You felt his eyes on you, and even still you refused to meet his eyes.

"Are you almost done in packing?" the question wasn’t harsh or angry, just nonchalant and off handed. It made you flinch regardless, visibly. Donghae sighed and walked away from the bedroom. You held onto the sides of the suitcase to brace yourself, and forced your breathing to slow, and mentally chastised yourself to not cry.

You were moving out of the apartment you had shared with Donghae for the last 2 years. While LeeTeuk had been in the military, Super Junior had stopped promoting and everyone went on to do their own things. Donghae was gone frequently to China and Japan to film drama’s. And on one of those trips, you found yourself signing up for a spiritual retreat weekend.

That was when you had noticed that several idols that Donghae had been in the industry with, were also on the retreat. Including SiWon. You two had been friendly, never really close, but he was always polite to you. As the weekend wore on, and you listened to SiWon’s testimonies about his faith, and how he felt about things, you found the both of you had more in common than you had thought. You two stole shy glances at each other until Sunday night.

”_______ Noona, would you like to come to Church with me next Sunday?” he had somehow managed to work up the nerve to talk to you. You smiled and agreed. Somehow he weasled his way into your mind over the course of the next week. You found yourself thinking of him more than Donghae. Particularly when Donghae wouldn’t answer his phone when you called to talk to him. 

That Sunday was one of the best days out you’d had in awhile. You enjoyed service, and SiWon invited you out for food with him and some of his friends from 3rd wave. You agreed and spend the day smiling, laughing, and enjoying yourself. SiWon made sure you got home alright and said he hoped to see you at Church again. As he bowed at your door and walked away, you caught yourself blushing, and thinking inappropriate thoughts for someone with a boyfriend. 

By the third Sunday it was obvious your crush on SiWon was complete, and had taken over your days. You felt like a teenager again. You had butterflies, you blushed, you giggled. SiWon seemed oblivious that you were like this, until he dropped you off home. 

"Noona, can I speak to you?" he seemed nervous. You wanted to be his friend, and thought, if there was something wrong, you could help. At the very least it would keep him around you longer.

"Certainly SiWon ah, come in." you smiled and opened the door. He crossed the threshold of you and Donghae’s apartment, and after taking off his shoes, paced in front of the couch. "Would you like something to drink? We have soda, water, juice…" you offered. He smiled but held up his hand to decline. You took a bottle of Diet Coke from the fridge and sat down in a side chair while he continued to pace.

SiWon’s mind was racing. What was he doing here? This was his group members’ girlfriend. His members’ apartment. How could he do this? But he couldn’t help himself.

”_______ Noona.. I don’t really know where to start or how to come out and say this….” he started, his hands sweaty and shaking. 

"Well, you could just start at the beginning." you offered. He looked at you and before you knew what was happening, he was on his knees at your feet, his hands grasping your free hand. 

"I think I’m in love with you." he blurted. Your mouth hung open, and you were lost for words. "I know!" he said getting up and flinging himself around the living room in a very dramatic way. "It’s crazy! I know you’re dating Donghae, I know you two are together, and I know that I shouldn’t. But I really do think I’m falling in love with you. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. You’re smart, and funny, and open, and honest, and more beautiful than anyone woman has a right to be."

Your cheeks flushed at his words. It had been a long time since anyone complimented you that way. With Donghae gone so often, and so busy with his career, it felt as though he was just going through to motions with you. The flame between the two of you was gone. And you knew, that if everything was okay with you and Donghae, it would have been easy to tell SiWon no. But you didn’t.

"I don’t know that I’m in love with you SiWon…" you started. He was standing at your living room window, his back to you and his head bowed when your voice started telling him what he really didn’t want to here. "But I do like you… a lot.. and I want to find out if I can love you." He turned to look at you, a look of disbelief. "DongHae and I are leading totally different lives and have for the past year. With him being away and doing drama’s all the time, I’m no longer a part of his life. I don’t think he loves me anymore. When he does come back, it is over between the two of us. Can you wait for me?" you questioned. 

SiWon didn’t say anything but embraced you close, your body held flush against his broad chest.

"I will wait as long as it takes." he murmured into your hair. Nothing happened between you that night. Two months later when Donghae returned from filming, you told him all that had happened, and that you were leaving. He took it quietly, and retreated to elsewhere to stay while he was home.

You felt horribly guilty about doing this to him, but you had to follow your heart and every time you now looked inward, it pointed to SiWon.

You walked into the living room where your furniture was covered with plastic. Donghae sat on the couch texting on his phone, but looked up when you came into the room.

"Donghae… I’m.. sorry about this." you said, barely above a whisper. He smiled that megawatt smile and got up to hug you.

"Don’t be sorry. It’s alright. Like you said when we talked about all of this, you and I have been separate for a long time now, and we’re just prolonging the inevitable, right? You will be happy with SiWon. He will take good care of you and that’s all that I wanted. I should have realized that I couldn’t take care of you the way you deserve if I wasn’t here. I guess my career is still the most important thing to me right now. But we were good while together, right?" 

You looked up into his face and smiled even while tears welled up. You knew he was right, but closing chapters of your life is painful. You both chatted while you finished taking all your clothes out of the drawers of the dresser and in the closet. A knock at the door sent your heart into a panic for a moment. Donghae opened it while SiWon timidly stepped in. SiWon looked at you, you looked back, then at Donghae.

"Will you guys stop! It’s okay! SiWon, don’t you always tell me that God makes your path and what happens is supposed to happen for a reason? Well alright then. I’m okay, you guys are gonna be okay, and that’s all there is to it. If you need help moving the furniture, let me know and I’ll come help, okay? I gotta go. I have to meet some people for food, I promise before I left that I would eat with them. Take care!" 

And with a flourish he was gone. SiWon smiled at you, and you smiled back. You zipped up your suitcase and he helped you cover the rest of the furniture with sheets. You would keep the apartment till the end of the month, but there was no point in living there. Everywhere you looked reminded you of Donghae. SiWon helped you get your suitcase downstairs to the car, and drove you to your own apartment. He took it upstairs for you as well and you both ordered food to be delivered. You didn’t have cable or internet installed yet so you started going through your dvd collection, and watched various movies and stand up comedy. 

When it was time for him to go, SiWon made for the door. You opened your arms for a hug, and he gently embraced you. You felt butterflies in your stomach, and before you could stop it, a contented sigh left your lips. You clasped a hand over your mouth and looked embarrassed. SiWon arched one of his famous Shibrows as a smirk spread across his lips. His large and soft hand gently moved your hand away from your mouth, and after biting his bottom lip for a moment, leaned in and kissed you. Your world was sent for a loop, and was thrown completely off kilter. 

The electricity shot and flew all throughout your body. One of his hands crept into your hair, and the other wrapped around your waist to pull you closer. You completely melted into his arms, and finally cemented in your heart that you had made the right choice. 


Hope you enjoyed. I’M BACK! 

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RyeoWook / Super Junior Kpop Scenario

Requested by Anon

Who; RyeoWook of Super Junior

Plot; A scenario that invovles RyeoWook’s “Moves like Jagger” perf.

You sigh for the third time in 5 minutes and glare at your boyfriend. RyeoWook had been so busy lately that you were feeling neglected. His music player’s earphones were constantly in his ears. And you didn’t know what he was listening to, but it was just one song, on repeat. You wanted to know why, but he never took the headphones off long enough for you to ask. Normally RyeoWook was a very caring boyfriend. But now his obsession with this song was causing him to ignore you. And if there was one thing you hated more than anything, it was being ignored. 

"Oppa, who are you listening to?" you asked out loud. He kept bobbing his head. You frowned and wrinkled your brow. You turned on the couch and nudged him with your toe. He looked up from the screen and smiled at you, but before you could articulate that you wanted to ask him a question, he looked back down at the screen. You bit your lip in irritation. 

You got up from the couch and went to go put your shoes on, you’d pretty much had enough at this point. He still hadn’t looked up at you. You hesitated at the door, waiting to see if he would care that you weren’t there. Nothing. You met YeSung Oppa and Manager nim in the hallway as you headed for the elevator. You bowed, smiled weakly and kept on. YeSung watched you head to the elevator and quirked a brow. You were usually happy go lucky and very talkative, and what not.

"Think they had a fight?" Manager nim asked after the elevator doors closed, and you were out of ear shot.

"RyeoWook ah? Fight? He doesn’t fight with anyone unless he’s really angry. That hardly ever happens. But I’m sure we’ll find out." YeSung answered. "Looo SAY… We’re Home!" 

He peered into the livingroom and saw RyeoWook sitting on the floor with his mp3 player going full blast. He walked to his room, put his bag and jacket down on his bed and coming back out, tapped RyeoWook on the head.

"Earth to Wookie ya. Anyone home?" he laughed. RyeoWook smiled, as he looked up and saw his Hyung.

"Oh hey Hyung, hey _______-ah… it’s.. " he paused looking around. "_______-ah? Where’d she go?"

"She left. Awhile ago. I saw her heading to the elevator when we were coming in. She looked kinda upset. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice she was gone." he questioned, folding his arms. RyeoWook looked sheepish.  "Kim RyeoWook, what is wrong with you??" YeSung scolded. 

"Don’t do that you sound like my Umma." RyeoWook grimaced. 

"You deserve to be yelled at by your Umma. How could you be so mean to her like that. What are you listening to anyways?" 

"The song I’m supposed to be preforming at Super Show after we leave tomorrow. I’m nervous. It’s kinda complicated, and it’s really important to me that my English is understandable. I want people to understand me." 

"So that justifies you ignoring _______-ah?" YeSung prompted, his face stern. "You need to call her and apologize."

"But Hyung, it’s for…" RyeoWook attempted.

"RyeoWook-ah, you call your girlfriend and apologize, or I’ll tell KyuHyun and he can convince you." YeSung threatened. RyeoWook’s eyes widened a little bit. Unfortunately, RyeoWook was one of the people that KyuHyun picked on the most. 

"Alright, I’ll apologize. Just… don’t say anything to him." RyeoWook collected his mp3 player and headed into the room he shared with his group mate. 

You meanwhile were half way home and in no mood to speak to anyone. It really bothered you feeling ignored. It wasn’t a feeling anyone particularly liked, especially you being self conscious about every little thing. Dating a celebrity would do that to you. RyeoWook never ever made you feel like you weren’t good enough, you did plenty of that on your own. So feeling a somewhat cold shoulder from him hit you hard. From somewhere in your purse, your phone rang. You could feel the vibration through the material, you ignored it. If it took RyeoWook THIS long to realize you were gone, he could wait until you were home.

RyeoWook hit “cancel” on his phone and frowned that you hadn’t picked up. Donghae entered the room, having just got home, and put his bag down on his bed. RyeoWook sighed and looked at his mp3 player. Donghae was surprised when his dongseng didn’t greet him happily as he normally did.

"Yah, RyeoWook-ah, are you okay?" he questioned.

"Not really Hyung. I think _____-ah is upset with me. I was concentrating so much on trying to memorize my song, that I didn’t notice she had gotten up and left. YeSung Hyung said if I didn’t call and apologize… he’d tell KyuHyun-ah. And that’s the last thing I want. But she’s not answering. I dunno what to do." 

"Keep trying to reach her, and if you can’t, send her something. Flowers or one of those edible fruit things they have on tv. Ask SiWon, I think he sent one to his Umma for her birthday or something like that. He could probably help you." Donghae smiled and was just about to walk out of the room when EunHyuk stuck his face in, winked at RyeoWook, then ran in and tackled Donghae to the bed. 

RyeoWook arched a brow, shook his head at his hyungs, and left them to rough house on the bed. 

"SiWon hyung, are you busy?" RyeoWook asked timidly when he found his hyung going over a script for a new CF.

"Not anymore than usual, what’s up?" SiWon smiled good naturedly but frowned when he saw the lines of worry around his dongseng’s face. "Is everything okay?"

”_______-ah is upset with me, and she’s not answering the phone, so Donghae Hyung suggested I send her flowers or an edible arrangement, whatever that is. He said you sent one to your Umma?” RyeoWook asked sitting down at the table.

"Oh yeah, they have a website. Or you can call them. Lemme find the url for you." 

Half an hour later, RyeoWook was mixing up fresh fruit and chocolate covered strawberries in a one of a kind arrangement just for you. It would have to be quick because he would be leaving soon for Super Show 4 and he wanted you to forgive him by then. 

"I hope this works." he whispered and after putting in his debit card information, hit order and sitting back folded his arms. He laid on his bed, his phone in his hand on vibrate, his earphones in his ears, the same song still on repeat.

You got home and saw what time it was and calling RyeoWook back completely slipped your mind. You made dinner, ate, and after watching a few episodes of City Hunter online, you got into your pj’s set your alarm, and went to bed. 

RyeoWook was awoken out of a sound sleep by his Manager hyungnim telling him to get up, it was almost time to go. He glanced at his phone and noticed you hadn’t called. He hoped the gift changed your mind. His bags already packed, he left the dorm, and headed out.

While at work, you heard the ooh’s and ahh’s a few cubicles down, but paid them no mind as you kept typing. Soon a delivery man was at your desk, with a huge basket that was full of fresh fruit and strawberries on a stick, chocolate dipped. 

"Are you ___ _______?" he inquired. You nodded and he handed you a signing machine. "Sign here please. And enjoy, someone must really love you." he remarked and after tipping his hat brim to you and slightly bowing, headed back out to his waiting truck downstairs. After he was gone, you noticed people kept peeking over their cubicles at you, but when you looked they’d look away. 

"Nosey…" you muttered to yourself. You opened the card attached and read it.

"Dearest Jagiya,
I’m really very sorry that you left without my noticing. It’s the last thing in the world I want to do, to insult you like that, or make you feel unwelcomed in any way. I would blame it on my nerves for Super Show, but that’s still no excuse. If you want to tune in to watch, I have a solo this year in english. That’s what I was listening to. You know my fear of my English not being pronounced correctly. 

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I love you.



You felt your eyes mist over a little bit. You should have known it was for something important, and while you still didn’t appreciate being ignored, you understood now why and he’d apologized. That night you would watch his live stream performance. 

At the end of your day, you convinced a co worker you were friendly with to give you a lift home while the promise of some of the chocolate covered strawberries. You lied and said they were from your Appa.

Once home, you took a shower, got into some comfy clothes, and setting up your laptop on the computer tray across your lap, you snacked on the fruit while your Oppa and dongseng all performed. Soon… the stage went dark, and you heard RyeoWook’s voice. 

"Just shoot for the stars…."

The crowd went nuts… then silenced slightly.

"Just aim for my heart…" 

More cheering and noise… then the lights came up and RyeoWook in leather pants, a tee shirt and leather jacket took the stage and owned it. He looked directly into the camera and swiped his index finger down his nose. That was his message to you. He did that motion to say Hi and I love you to you. You blushed and watched him strut all around the stage. He even pulled up his shirt hem and showed off his abs he’d been working on. You buried your face in your hands in fangirly glee and bit your bottom lip. You didn’t even mind his dancing with the Dancer Noona’s. After his performance, you clapped as if you were there. You felt silly once you realized what you were doing. You grabbed your phone.

I love you too Oppa.” 


I really can’t tell you how long this has been sitting in my drafts. In my DRAFTS… - -;; eff my life. Anyways I hope you like it. ^^

Scene Snippet…

I Said No.

 She jumped up from her bed shaken by the noise that had jarred her from sleep. She glanced at the clock. 2:45am, not even 4 hours since she’d gone to bed. Then she heard the noise again. It was a male voice, calling for help, for something to stop. She instantly recognized it as SiWon. After unlocking her door, and running down the hall, she entered his bedroom suite, who’s door, as promised was wide open.

There he was in the middle of a night terror. She knew better than to try and wake him up. The after effect could be a heart attack from shock. She sat on the edge of his bed and tried to call to him…

"Mr. Choi, wake up… you’re dreaming, wake up.." 

SiWon’s eyes snapped open and he looked at her for mere seconds before he crumbled into wracking sobs that caused his whole body to shake. _______ didn’t know what he’d been dreaming about, but she knew if it was enough for him to fall apart like this, it had to have been bad. She put her arms around his shoulders and allowed him to dampen the entire right side of her pj top. When he’s sobs finally subsided into sniffles, she reached for tissues from the night stand and waited.

"Are you alright now?" she asked softly. He looked at her with a glimmer of hope in his eye. He attempted to put his arms around her but she moved. He frowned, and getting up out of bed, in nothing but his boxers, he pulled her to him and held her.

She felt her mouth go dry, and her body seize up. He really and truly was a beautiful specimen of a man. With muscles and supple skin, and a gaze that could set a woman’s heart afire. Maybe another woman, but not her’s. He was her boss. Period. 

"I don’t know why you keep fighting me. I can give you everything, everything you’ve ever wanted, all you have to do is love me. You can choose to do anything, research, write, travel, anything…" his breath was hot on the side of her face near her ear. And while she didn’t hear the wine from dinner talking anymore, her answer still hadn’t changed. With one hand firmly put against his chest, she pushed and broke his hold around her shoulders.

"What I choose, Mr. Choi, is my job. I don’t say no to you to simply prove a point, or to have you continue to chase me. I say no because it’s how I truly feel. I can’t just turn on love. It doesn’t work that way. It either is there, or it isn’t. And for me it isn’t. You’re my boss, and quite possibly the closest thing to a "friend" I have. 

And if I did give in to you, then what? I would be just another notch on your belt? Just another woman you had bed? With all due respect, Sir, that’s never going to happen. I will set up an appointment for you to speak to someone about your night terrors if you wish, but as for anything more from me, as your personal assistant, the answer is now, and will always be, No.”

After delivering that final lecture, she turned on her heels and exited his suite, closing the door behind her. It was symbolic just as much as it was polite. She was giving him his privacy, while also telling him, she didn’t belong in his bedroom.


So I had this as a sort of day dream. I wasn’t in it, which was unusual so it wasn’t really a dream I was having? I dunno, but I remembered it when I fully woke up so decided to type it out and put it here. It might become a fanfic. 

Scene snippet…

The dark was pierced only by the light coming in the boarded up window. The distinct sound of whatever it was, hunting them down was heard downstairs. It’s long nails, or claws you could call them, dragged lazily across the rotting wooden floor. 

Her hands trembled as she drew the circle of salt, and laid the four gold coins around them. JiHo looked skeptical, his eyes, perfect in shape kept darting toward the door. It was closed, but just barely. 

"Are you sure this is gonna work?" he asked. She turned to look at him.

"Not really. But, just for arguments sake, whatever is in this room, whatever spirit, I think is bound here, just to this room. It doesn’t know what that thing is, doesn’t know that this house won’t let us leave, so it’s repeating "Get out" isn’t working. If we can lure the that… thing in here, maybe it will finally understand. Now come sit down."

JiHo obediently sat down on the floor in the circle. His eyes opened a bit in surprised when she eased herself into his lap. 

"I always wanted to hold you this way, but I didn’t think it would be under these circumstances." he tried to joke. She offered a weak smile in response.

"Here, take this and cover your eyes."

"Why?" he asked looking at her. Her own eyes fed back fear. 

"Because if you see what I see, I can’t protect you. Once you see them, it’s over. Your ignorance to their existence is all that’s kept you alive up until now. Please, do this." he nodded hesitatingly and after ripping a length of material from her shirt, bound his eyes shut. "No matter what you hear, no matter what you feel… don’t open your eyes, don’t make a move, don’t try and leave the circle."

He nodded and rested his forehead on her shoulder, she did likewise and waited. No sooner had she closed her eyes, than the room got colder, and just outside the door she heard sniffing, and the sound of a claw pushing open the door.


what do you guys think? This is part of a paranormal fanfic that’s been rolling around in my head. 

Donghae / Super Junior Kpop Scenario

requested by villemo

Who; Donghae of Super Junior

Plot; Healing up.. 

Chapter 9

After your tumble, you began to feel pressure in your legs while using your crutches. You hadn’t really thought it best to attempt to walk without them, after what happened on the bars. Your patience with yourself was improving dramatically. You knew you would get there. 

Your Uncle came into your bedroom one evening after coming home, and was holding a letter. 

”_______-ah, there’s a letter from the lawyers. They said the police have three suspects in custody from the descriptions you gave them. Apparently they were bragging at school that they were super elves whatever that means.” you had to smirk. 

"Elf Keun-Appa. It stands for Ever Lasting Friends. It’s Super Junior’s fanclub." you explained. He nodded but snorted at the same time as he sat on the edge of your bed.

"Some friends, or fans for that matter." you remained quiet. "So on Monday, they want you to come into the station and possibly ID them. Are you feeling up to it?" he asked. You had to think about it. There were sure to be camera’s and news people when word got out if they turned out to be the girls who had jumped you. "_______-ah?" he prompted, bringing you back from your thoughts.

"Huh? Oh, I’m sorry I was thinking back… yes I’m up for it. I think I should tell Donghae Oppa so he can let SM’s PR department know what’s going on." he gave a short grunt but nodded. He didn’t like that there was so much red tape and so much, what felt like politics going on. 

"Alright, I’ll make sure I take a personal day, so I can go with you. I’m pretty sure I should be the one there, instead of your Aunt." you nodded not wanting to argue. You thought that him being there would be best. He got up and left your room while you opened your phone and dialed Donghae’s number. His voicemail answered. He was probably either recording or on stage somewhere. When it beeped, you left the message. 

"Hi Oppa, it’s me. I got a letter in the mail from the lawyers, they said that the police have suspects in custody. Monday I’m going to the police station with Keun-Appa to possibly identify them. I thought you should know so you can tell your company so they know what’s going on. I’ll talk to you later, Super Junior Hwaiting! Love you! Bye." 

You hung up and read the letter yourself. Three suspects. What would that mean? You would have to come face to face with them again in court. You would have to testify what they did to you. Would other E.L.F’s be there at the court house? Would more of them come after you? Should you deny that you and Donghae were together? What would SM’s PR dept say to do? Ugh this whole thing was such a mess. You laid back against your pillow and started thinking back. Would you be able to recognize them?

It was a stupid question of course. Even though it was dark, the image of them would be forever burned into your memory. Even though your cousin warned you not to do it, you let your self imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t brought your phone, if your cousin hadn’t found you. 

The cold would start creeping up from your legs into your core. Your hands would turn blue and then black. You would feel sleepy, your heart would start to compress. Your breathing would be labored. Everything in your body’s core would drop in temperature. And you would be forgotten. The snow silently covering up your body as well as any evidence of your demise. A thick blanket of snow would have frozen you solid by the time people started looking for you. How would you fit in a casket? Would the morgue have to break your limbs in order to make you fit? You imagined a morgue worker standing over you with a scalpel or some other medical tool getting ready to cut your chest open, then opening your skull to take your brain out. You imagined the look on your parents’ faces. And Donghae Oppa. How would he have reacted? You thought of him at your grave site crying over your tombstone. 

You sat bolt up right in bed. You were sweating and shaking like a leaf. You glanced at the clock. 3am. You must have fallen asleep. You wiped your forehead and started to shiver. You noticed you had a message. It was a number you didn’t recognize. 

"You think you’re so smart. Just because you lived doesn’t mean you won’t next time." 

Your eyes went wide. You called the number but it was disconnected. You kept the message for Monday when you went to the police station. For now, you got up with your crutches and headed to the bathroom to take a shower and change clothes. 

The next morning, you went downstairs for breakfast and wondered if you should tell your family about the text message. You were going to just let it pass, but then thought about it. In movies and books, that you had always read, when they didn’t tell people, something bad always happened, and you would scream at the tv or throw the book to the edge of the bed in frustration. You did NOT want to be a stereotype in that way.

"Keun-Appa, I have something to tell you?" you started. He looked up from the News paper he was reading. 

"Hmm?" he asked without looking up.

"I got… a text message." 

"Well congratulations." he snickered. You had to snort yourself.

"It was a threat.. against me. I think it was an ELF." he lowered the paper and looked at you. 

"What did it say?" you read it and showed him your phone. He frowned more and handed the phone back to you. "Did you call them?" 

"I did, and it was disconnected. I kept it because I thought I should show the police when we go Monday." he nodded.

"Good idea. I don’t like the way this is shaping up. It might mean there are more of them, than just the three you said attacked you. Or it could be them. I don’t know if the ones they have in custody are really the three you saw. We don’t know anything for sure. But you shouldn’t go anywhere alone. They know you live here on this street, I don’t want anything else to happen to you." you impatiently sighed more in frustration than objection to your Uncle’s request. 

"This is unbelievable. I finally get the feelings back in my legs, and I’m still a prisoner! And now I have people out to get me? Is this real life? I mean who does this happen to? Ever!" your cousin looked sympathetically to you and offered you the last piece of toast to help you feel better. You grimaced and took a big bite of plain toast, nearly gagging at it’s dryness. You drank a sip of orange juice and swallowed. 

"I guess that means I’ll be taking you to your physical therapy appointments." your cousin said. Your Uncle nodded and after getting up, and putting his coat on, grabbed his briefcase after a kiss on his cheek from his wife. "You two behave." he warned. "This is serious."

After he walked out, your cousin smiled at you.

"And serious business means we should do some serious retail therapy after your appointment." she grinned. You tried to smile, you wanted to remain normal, but you couldn’t deny fear was beginning to get to you.

The idea of people knowing where you lived, and coming to “get you” and do you harm was something you never thought of before it actually happened. You thought people would be upset, maybe even harass you in public, but never hurt you, let alone put you in the hospital. 

"Hello, anyone home?" your cousin asked while sweeping her hand in front of your face.

"Huh?" you said blinking.

"Wow, you really went on a trip didn’t you?"

"Sorry," you said with a sigh, "It’s just.. this is so unfair! I know I know life isn’t fair. But this is more than just me having a pity party for myself. I’m in real danger here. What if Keun-Appa is right? What if there are more people out there who want to hurt me and know who I am? Where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do?" 

"I don’t know but we’ll figure something out! You can’t just become a recluse and it’s not fair of Appa to think you should just sit up in your room and rot. You need to go outside and prove what you said before is true. They can’t run your life. Just know that it’s a bold statement, and because of it, they’ll always be there." 

"I can deal with them being there. I can deal with the text messages, or the throwing of insults. But when they come at me in droves, and attack like a pack of wolves, that I can’t handle." 

"I know, but how do you think Donghae Oppa must feel? I’m pretty sure he’s scared for you as well, even though he doesn’t say anything. Hey, maybe you should ask him if he has anyone that he knows who also has a girlfriend, then you could talk to her and ask her how she deals?" 

The idea made sense, and you made a mental note to ask Donghae Oppa about it next you spoke. You got up with your crutches and your cousin went upstairs to grab her purse and keys to take you to your appointment. You opened the front door and screamed. Screamed like you had never screamed before. Your cousin came down stairs two at a time and came right up to you. 

"What happened, what is it? Oh my god." 

There on your doorstep was a cardboard box and inside was a dead animal, half rotting and smelled horrible. Taped to one of the boxes flaps was a hand written note that read,

"We know where you are." 

You looked at your cousin, your cousin looked at you and then she pulled out her phone to call her father, and the police. It looked as though your new “friends” weren’t going to wait until Monday. 


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EunHyuk / Super Junior Kpop Scenario

Requested by asye-c 

Who; EunHyuk of Super Junior

Plot; When he serenades you

This is the second part to asye’s request. She asked for both this and the L scenario I did before this. :)  Hope you enjoy both mama. 


You bit your bottom lip sitting in the limo. It had just shown up outside your apartment. Your boyfriend EunHyuk had sent it for you. It was your anniversary. You hadn’t been together for very long, so that he would go to this extent, more than surprised you. The limo driver had delivered a long dress box, as well as a bag. Inside was the most beautiful cocktail dress you had ever seen in person, and off the rack. You had admired ones just like it in the windows when you walked by the really expensive department store windows going to and from your job. You could never have afforded one like it on your salary. But it was fun to look at them. You would walk the rest of the way to work, your headphones pumping your moods favorite hit of the moment into your ears, and you imagined what it would be like to have fancy places to go wearing a dress like that.

Now there you were, about to zip one up. It was a beautiful jade colour that highlighted your hair and hugged your figure. The asymmetrical strap went over your left shoulder. The hem hitting you just above the knee was shorter than you in your modesty were used to, but it was beautiful.
In the bag were metallic T strap heels, as well as undergarments. You blushed as the familiar pink of Victoria’s Secret peeked at you from behind the shoe box. You opened it and inside was a black lace strapless bra, and under a matching pair of boy shorts. He knew you all to well. A note inside the bag had you covering your mouth with giggling girly glee. 

"These are for you Jagiya, it may be a long time before I see you in them, but just knowing that you’re wearing them will fuel dreams for months to come."

You gave your hair a last look in the hall mirror before putting your keys, wallet and phone in your small clutch. The limo driver was waiting outside the car, leaning, but snapped to attention when you walked up. He smiled. Not in a sassy or undressing you with his eyes way. More like a proud and approving parent. As you got in, he leaned close and whispered,

"He’s going to love you my dear." you blushed and thanking him, nearly cracking your face into the car door in the process, you got into the car. 

So now here you were. It was going to be a bit of a drive, so you settled back in your seat and your mind began to wander. If your friends could see you now, you wouldn’t hear the end of it. It was your Oppa who had wanted you to meet EunHyuk. He was a back up dancer at SM and not many people knew. He didn’t want to have people around him who only wanted to be close with him because of his job. Lucky for you, you had known him since school times so he knew he could trust you. 

"Oh c’mon, you’ve got nothing better to do. You never have anything better to do." he teased while he slurped up ramen in your kitchen. You had glared at him angry because you knew he was right. You were one of those work a holics who never did anything even remotely social. You went to work, you worked your fingers to the bone for a boss who would as soon spit at you as look at you, came home and vegged in front of the tv with your dog eating either ramen or take out. 

You didn’t go quietly however. You bitched and ranted about just about everything you could think of. Part of it was a deflection tactic. You didn’t want to have fun, because if you did, you’d have to first deal with the “i told you so’s” and second wanting to go out more often. The other part of you was partially hoping you would annoy your Oppa enough for him to tell you to go home. But that didn’t happen. Your Oppa had known you for long enough to know what you were doing, and he wasn’t about to let you get out of this. EunHyuk needed a good girl instead of these gold digger so called “fans” who were trying to take him for everything he had, or just for bragging rights. And you needed someone to bring you out of your shell and teach you how to have fun. 

The minute you laid eyes on them all in their practice room, you instantly went quiet. You wanted to just blend into the background. But your Oppa wasn’t having it. He noisily introduced everyone to you and let them all know who you were. You felt your cheeks burning. You would have given anything at that point to melt into the floor, or be invisible. You sat down in the corner near the Coordi Noona’s and the instructor who sat in a steel fold up chair and watched them practice the new routine. You didn’t know it yet, but you were watching the final touches to the dance routine for the Super Show version of “Opera”, and what would eventually be their 3rd Japanese single. It would be months before they would do Super Show but they always wanted to be ready. 

Fast forward a month and you sat nervously outside in a park, after dark with EunHyuk. He had insistently asked you out, and finally you caved. Your dates always happened after dark because being seen in broad daylight, or even being seen together at all, would damage his image. It made you feel like a burden, and that you would rather not be with him if that’s how you were going to feel all the time. As the walk you two had taken came to a close, he had a burst of boldness and pulled you to him for a hug. You were shaking in his grip. Your cheeks were flushed in embarrassment. You couldn’t put a finger on just why you were always so nervous around him. You also couldn’t understand just why he even liked you. 

You spent the first month of your being “dating” horribly afraid that camera’s would come out of someplace and tell you it was all a joke. You didn’t dare let yourself believe he actually liked you…. until you kissed. You had actually put effort into your appearance for this date. You reasoned that if you were going to be humiliated on tv, you might as well look nice for it. He smiled a little wider when he saw you. 

"You look really, really nice. Does this mean you’re becoming more comfortable around me?" he asked looking hopeful.

"Maybe." you conceded. As you sat on the park bench he kept fiddling with his fingers and looking really nervous.

You turned to ask him what was wrong when he turned to look at you and your lips brushed together. You stopped and waited. You kept looking around. He looked at you strangely.

"What are you looking for?" he asked you bluntly.

"I’m waiting for the camera’s and television people to come storming out of the bushes to tell me this is all a joke. This can’t be real, there’s no way a guy like you would really like a girl like me. Not when you have all those girls you work with to choose from." he looked angry at you, which surprised you.

"Is that what you think? You think everything I’ve told you has been a lie? That I’m a liar when I say that I like you? I just kissed you!" his outburst had your breath caught in your throat. Could he really like you. He stood up still looking angry, "If you’re not going to believe in anything I say then why did you keep answering my calls, and keep coming to meet me?" you were also growing flustered, so you stood up to look him in the eye.

"Because I wanted to believe it!" you raised your voice, then the tears started and your strength left you, barely above a whisper you continued, "I wanted to believe that someone like you could like someone like me. But things like that don’t happen. Not in real life. This isn’t some drama where the rich goodlooking guy comes to sweep the poor little pauper off her feet…" you looked at him, "but I wanted it to be like that. And I guess I was hoping against hope that it was true." you went to wipe your tears, but he caught your hand, and with a quick motion, pulled you flush against his chest. His face dangerously close to yours.

"Don’t ever doubt me when I say I like you. If I didn’t mean it. I wouldn’t say it. And if I didn’t mean it.. I certainly wouldn’t do this.." 

Before you could ask what “this” was, his lips took over yours. He slanted his mouth over yours giving him the advantage. The one hand that had reached for your wrist now laced his fingers with yours and held it around his back. His other hand combed through your hair and cupped the side of your face.
His kiss was gentle, and slow, and soft. As if he had all the time in the world to just stand there and make out with you. His tongue swiped your bottom lip slowly, each pass of his mouth encouraging you to part your lips and let him in. When his tongue made contact with yours, your world was thrown for a loop and you knew somehow that nothing would ever be the same.

The opening of the car door brought you back from your thoughts. The driver smiled and held out his hand to help you out. You entered what looked to be an old time theater, where they still parted the curtains for the screen. You were escorted to the front row where you sat. You looked around for a moment before the music started. 

The music was familiar, and before you could place it, Eunhyuk in a black and white suit, looking crisp and dapper was on stage rapping the opening lines of “I Wanna Love You”. He was soon joined by DongHae who winked at you when you grinned at him. As the song ended, Donghae disappeared somewhere back stage, and EunHyuk made his way down the side stairs to you. 

He held out his hands which you took. Before you could compliment his preformance, he moved into your arms and kissed you. You clung to the fabric of his jacket sleeves in surprise, unable to do anything else. He pulled away briefly to allow you both to breathe before he gently cupped your face in both hands, going for another kiss.

"You’re so beautiful." he breathed over your lips before he covered them with his own. 

The night ended with the driver of the limo falling asleep in the driver seat, hands folded over his chest, head back and snoring, while you and EunHyuk, barefoot stood on the beach watching the sunrise in each others arms. 

"I love you beautiful girl." he whispered into your hair as his chin rested on the top of your head. 

"I love you too my boy." you whispered back into his shirt, the lingering smell of cologne tickling your nose. 


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