The Cornfield

The crow sat perched on the stump

Its wings were messy and torn

Its beak was filled with the feast it had

While the rest was left in the corn

The scarecrow looked on and turned his gaze

His lips long sewn shut

Even if his arms weren’t nailed

The victim would still be in a rut

The crow sat perched on the stump

A man came walking through

With a twinkle in his eye he tipped his hat

But that crow knew


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Practice — Last Moment

I didn’t know how to explain it; that’s what I didn’t like the most. It was the sort of thing that churned your stomach and clenched your heart into a quivering heap of wonder and sick surprise. The man’s eyes were wild with terror and disbelief at what he’d done; clenching his device to himself more closely before he retreated from sight. I layed there — it was all I could do — and what flashed before me was what I suspected the least. It came out from the shadows in the corner of my eye and looked down on me with its hidden face. I didn’t need to see it to know that the expression worn upon there would be indifferent, yet sympathetic. A sigh was released, and I know it wasn’t my own for the pain compressed there disabled me of breath.

I looked up into its face and knew exactly who it was, and suddenly the culprit who fled from me didn’t matter anymore, nor did anything else now. I tried to croak out words or any sound I could muster but my mouth could only form the question circling around in my brain: “Why?” I didn’t recieve an answer. With a shaking hand, I placed it on my leaking chest. There were so many things I wanted to say; so much I wanted to do. If only I could rewind time… if only I had another chance… but I know that wish could not be granted. There would be no redemption for the mistakes I’ve made and no reconcilliations for all and whom I knew deserved it. All I knew for sure was that now it was too late.

And with a bitter resentment I was disgusted with myself, which was ironic, to say the least. If anything I should have been angry, but I wasn’t. The figure loomed over me with that stare it had. It didn’t move, but slowly, it smiled at me. Death really wasn’t like it was described to be in films or novels. No, not at all. My life didn’t flash before my eyes and time didn’t halt. Though I suppose the only thing Hollywood nailed was that time slowed. But yet… at the same time it was too fast. I was disgusted with myself… and everything I took for granted and all the leaps of faith I took steps back on when I should have jumped.

No words could explain what I was feeling, but eventually you will experience it for yourselves; though hopefully you will feel more satisfied than I. During my final moments I thought back to the people that mattered most to me, but one in particular popped into my mind’s eye. As my brain was shutting down, new portions of my mind were turned on and it was like I saw the person in a big screen, like in a movie theater but she was adorned with light and the happiness she portrayed. She was all the things I loved, but was too afraid to tell her. And she’ll never know.

"I’m so sorry I never told you," I thought to her smiling face before she faded away. Eventually I couldn’t feel the pulse in my wound, and an odd sensation shuddered through my body. I wanted to see her face again. I wanted her to be here. I hated myself for not doing all the things I was too afraid to do. Fear now seemed so pointless and overrated. Important, yes. But I let it get a hold of me, and it led me here on the floor… my life bleeding away.

A tear drifted down my stubbled cheek, but I grinned nonetheless. The figure leaned down and placed its hand on my shoulder, and I was calm and weightless. He softly whispered, “Time to go.”


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A test serial, no name as of yet. We’ll see how it goes. Suggestions are welcome (and encouraged!), and I’m aiming for this to be a bit on the paranormal side of things, so it’ll probably deal with mythical beings or unlikely happenstances. Warning: there will be some mild/strong language in my writings!

Part 1

“It’s your deal.” But the man wasn’t paying attention. His sights were locked on a woman chilling by the food table, a cup in her hand; he wondered what her drink was and if she’d let him bring one to her. “Dude, it’s your deal,” he was given a shove. “Yeah,” Cole shook his focus back to the game and gathered all the cards. Landon, who gazed at him from his upturned face, slid his pierced tongue between his lips to play with the bar before bringing his unlit cigarette there. “So, who’s getting the meat tag over there?” he asked, half-turning his muscular body around in his seat and flicking his lighter on.

Trevor, who was slowly becoming more annoyed, began to bounce his knee. Cole did a quick sweep, but he needn’t worry, she was still lingering around that table picking at the food as the crowd weaved in and around her. “Nobody,” he replied. Trevor cut the deck Cole presented him and sat back with his toned arms crossed, the bouncing reduced to an impatient tap. Landon faced the two and took a deep drag. “That’s a load of crap, you’ve been looking over here all last game, unless you were looking at me,” he smirked and wiggled his eyebrows, the studs in them catching a ray of light and gleaming.  Cole dealt the cards around the table and sneered at him. “Not my type, sorry, man,” “C’mon, let’s go,” Trevor piped in, “I’ve still got chips.”

“Relax, dude, you have shit for luck, anyway,” Landon exhaled a wave of smoke. “Cole, you better tell me now before I start prowling and get to her before you do.” Cole knew Landon wouldn’t stop pressing for details until his biz was spilled, that’s just the kind of guy he was, but Cole wanted to keep her for himself – there was that and the fact that Landon was just… well, Landon.

He may have had a lot of metal in his face, black eyes, and short, blonde and red-streaked hair, which all by itself would have deemed him hard to approach, but he had a very handsome face to boot as well as having exuding confidence in his abilities to woo a lady, which he was notorious for. Meanwhile, Cole was lucky enough to even be looked over, as far as he was concerned. He honestly didn’t think she would have given him the time of day, so he felt safer admiring from afar. But as he observed her, her mannerisms and something he couldn’t quite paw on told him that maybe… just maybe… she might.

“Who is it?” Landon pressed. Trevor frowned at his cards, “Knock it off already, man. You guys in?” Cole looked up to see her retreat from the room. “I guess…” he muttered.


This party was lame. And apparently you were the only person in this atmosphere who preferred soda over alcohol, so you settled for water; which was the only alternative given that it was from the sink. You didn’t know why you bothered to come here, this wasn’t your style; this wasn’t your scene. But your roomie dragged you out here to meet people and that’s the exact thing you were trying to avoid. Ever since that incident she’s been all over getting you out of the house and meeting new peeps. Yet all around you were people you didn’t know and didn’t want to know. Their flighty behavior and obnoxious demeanor, both sober and drunk, made you feel a bit bombarded.

A girl passed you by but not before screaming in your ears and burping in your face. That’s it; you were so out of there. After taking another couple bites of food, you gulped down the last of your water and beat feet. Before you were out the door, you realized you’d be ditching your friend who would more or less give you an earful at home, so you about faced and begrudgingly set out to look for your roomie.

You tried her phone first, sending a simple text. You didn’t expect to get an answer and fifteen minutes of waiting told you to get off your lazy bum and search yourself. Luckily it didn’t take long to find her. She was cheering on a game of beer pong; one of the contestants was losing horribly.

“Hey, I’m heading out,” you told her. “What? Why?” You shrugged. “I just want to go home.” She grabbed your hand and you both tore away from the party and she led you into a quiet room. “Are you okay? Nobody did anything to you, did they?” she asked. You shook your head, “No, nothing like that. I’m just not comfortable is all and I’d like to be home.” “Have you tried talking to anyone? ‘Cause every time I looked over, you were keeping the food company.”

“You know me,” you half-smiled, “I observe my surroundings first.” She sighed and you could tell she looked defeated. It’s not that you didn’t appreciate her efforts, but you’d rather do things your own way in terms of meeting others. Yeah, and look how well that’s going for you… you mused to yourself.

“Not everyone will come to you, _____. Sometimes you have to break out of your shell to make things happen.” You bit your lip and thought about that; you knew she was right. But you were scared. You didn’t want a repeat of what happened after…

“Okay,” you said, thus swallowing the fear churning in your gut, “I’ll give it another try.” You returned to the party.


“Oh, what in the bloody hell…” Trevor groaned in his hands. “How do you always get the good cards?!” Landon merely basked in the glory that was his victory; kicking back in his chair with his hands behind his head with his infamous smirk. They had a small collective group over the course of the game of people who wished to join, and as of now, Cole was done. “Hey, where’re you going?” Landon eyed him. Cole just grinned at him and walked off in his search to find a girl.

She wasn’t at the food table anymore, and although his eyes repeatedly kept glancing up in hopes of catching a glimpse of her whereabouts, his hopes were not in favor. Some of the people he recognized or knew at the party acknowledged him warmly and many hand slaps and man hugs were exchanged, and still she was not in sight. Well, shit. Maybe she left?  Then he saw her; talking to Landon, of all people. He looked over at him and winked, but then his thick, naturally arched, pierced eyebrows raised in surprised while Cole glared daggers and swords at the man. Landon pointed at her and mouthed, “This is her?”

Cole didn’t know why he felt so possessive. Maybe his ego was bruised in the aspect that Landon could get anyone he wanted and he felt he couldn’t, or maybe he was just pissed that he didn’t have the balls to talk to her. Hell, he hadn’t even thought of what he was going to say when he did approach her.

Man, screw it. He was about to turn and leave when she looked over her shoulder and then turned her body towards him. Landon was whispering something in her ear as he gestured in his direction before beckoning him over. Feeling like a big dork, he thrust his hands in his pockets and ventured forth. Her face flushed and she looked uncomfortable, which didn’t make Cole feel any better at all. But something about being in her presence comforted him and all he knew was that he wanted more of it.

“This is, _____. _____, that’s Cole.” Landon gave Cole his cocky look, as if indicating how awesome he was, and although Cole was still irked by the guy, he couldn’t help the joy he felt as her hand slid into his while they shook. “Nice to meet you,” she said quietly. “Likewise,” he grinned. “_____ here was telling me how lame she thought this party was. Think you can change her mind?” his tone sounded too suggestive for Cole’s tastes. “Dude… just, no.” Now she looked even more uncomfortable, her body slowly inching away waiting for the chance to bolt and never return. Cole refused to let that happen and refused to let Landon ruin this.

“I’m not saying you should bang in the other room, I just meant that you should—“ “All right, that’s enough, go away.” Cole shoved him in the opposite direction before another syllable left that weird thing’s mouth. “I am so sorry, I hope he wasn’t like that while you were talking…” Cole said, thoroughly embarrassed by his friend’s behavior. She just smiled, “It’s okay. I wasn’t even interested in his intentions anyway. I just didn’t want to be rude,” “Oh, trust me, you have my full permission to be rude to him; he’s a womanizer. Then he just kind of ditches them when he gets what he wants…” “Heh, sounds like a lot of guys.” Cole felt a pang. “Please tell me that’s not your experience with men.” “No, not exclusively.” She awkwardly brushed some strands of hair out of her face and focused her attention on her shoes. She still looked like she wanted to run away. But he tried again. “You don’t seem much like a partier,” Cole started. “What brings you?” “That,” she pointed to her right where her friend stood watching over the conversation from afar.

“Do you still want to leave?” She shrugged. Man, she was locked up tight in herself with walls ten feet high and three yards thick. Cole was going to penetrate them. He had to know why she drew him in.

“Well, not to sound too forward, but would you like to join me outside for a bit of fresh air?” he asked. His green eyes searched her face as his heart thudded in his chest like a drum. He was surprised how easily a flow he found as he spoke. He looked over at Landon who gave him a thumbs up; Cole rolled his eyes.


You looked up at him questioningly, “Why?” “I… want to get to know you better, if that’s cool with you. There’s just something about you and I don’t know what it is.” Cole seemed different somehow and not just being compared to his friend Landon, but apart from all the guys you’ve seen. You’ve never met someone who specifically asked to get to know you, usually they just assumed that the notion was already established the minute you started talking, but he was actually being a gentleman about it. But how would you know for sure?

How could you know? You hated to admit it to yourself, but there was definitely a strange vibe coming off of him that seemed equally inviting and warm. He tilted his clean-shaven face to the side, his dark bangs sliding into his eyes and he brushed them away with a jerk of his head. Flashes from the past played in front of you and it made you take an emotional step back. Before you could say anything, Cole scratched the back of his head and said, “I’m sorry, I guess that was a bit forward. But um… how about this, I’ll give you my number and when you feel up to it, give me a ring. Sound good?”

Your hand rested on your pocket and with hesitant fingers you brought up your phone. He punched in his digits and handed your phone back to you. “I hope to hear from you, ____.” “No pressure, right?” you chuckled. He put his hands in his pockets and shrugged, a bruised expression across his cute features. “Later.” And he retreated back into the party. You watched as Landon joined him when he walked passed, and your roomie sauntered over soon after. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” She clapped your shoulder.

You merely smiled. You didn’t run into him for the rest of the night. And you were surprised to feel a peculiar sadness by his absence.


Have yourself A Merry Little ChristmasLet your heart be lightFrom now on,our troubles will be out of sightHave yourself A Merry Little Christmas,Make the Yule-tide gay,From now on,our troubles will be miles away.
Here we are as in olden days,Happy golden days of yore.Faithful friends who are dear to usGather near to us once more.
Through the yearsWe all will be together,If the Fates allowHang a shining star upon the highest bough.And have yourself A Merry Little Christmas… now.

Merry Christmas & Happy New year to all our followers!
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Just A Poem

Follow me down the path whose lines divide the world

Where the sun smiles and the trees stay in bloom

I’ll cry when the bird stops singing and love again in the spring

We share the same sky but share not its people

Who twist and change in different mounds

I’ll surrender to your power when it breaks across the sea

And the complaisant slave for your touch will now at last be freed


Working on some stuff I’d like to post soon, but having no clue where to really start. I may make some serial scenerios instead of singles. Anyone up for some cute werecat boys? xD; (my attempt at something a bit different)


A hello from ZeKat!

Hey, everybody! This is ZeKat and Telli was kind enough to introduce me in a previous post, but before I began writing I decided to say a little “hello” myself =] sooo, hewwo!

Okay, to start off, I’ve written fanfiction before but it was many years ago, but I’ve since taken to writing my own thing and will post a little excerpt of one of many that I’m currently working on called No Man’s Land, so you all have a taste of my writing style. As a side note, before anybody asks, yes, I do write in 2nd person and will do so as I write scenerios/fanfiction unless asked otherwise.

Also, like Telli mentioned before, I’m not writing much Kpop scenerios —yet— but fanfictions I’ve written over the years up until now included: Harry Potter, Fruits Basket, Wolf’s Rain, Inuyasha, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, My Chemical Romance, the Jack Ass crew, Bam Margera, the vampire Lestat/Louie, vampires in general, werewolves in general, almost all mythical beings, actually lol; and I’ve even made my own scenerio fiction pertaining to a ghost boy whom I created myself. My scenerios don’t have to be based strictly on real people, as you realize; I love creativity! Hope you don’t mind swears every now and then… just a disclaimer for those who have no idea x3 All righty, here’s the excerpt:


Jeremiah braced himself before entering the room. His hesitant fist reaching up for the center of the cherry wood door, then retreating. Reaching, retreating. Finally, he closed his eyes and drew a breath as the knocking penetrated the profound silence taking residence in the hallway. He opened the door wide enough to peek the side of his face in. “Oliver?” Oliver’s quarters was a mess. Absolute chaos. But it wasn’t a ransack — more like a hurricane had a waltz with a tornado. No, this was an act of rage and nothing in this room was spared the violence. The massive bookshelves were left in splinters, the books were reduced to confetti, even the green and blue swirled marble floor was affected: cracked in large earthquake-style chunks, reaching up to consume everything it once supported.

Jeremiah forced the door wider, but found it would only strain a quarter way through before being caught by the debris. His thin frame shimmied inside, taking root on an upraised marble piece, though it was anything but sturdy; it soon crumbled beneath his weight but he quickly hopped to another spot. His gray eyes searched every inch of the place in disbelief.

Man… all these documents and incantations and research… timeless, sacred artifacts and god knows what else. “Gone.”

Jeremiah whipped his head around. Marion’s dark face leaned against the door frame. His eyebrows pulled down ever so slightly. It was hard to tell if that was a small shred of shock in his expression as opposed to his usual collected features. “Why would he do this?” Jeremiah asked. God, everything was destroyed. Hell, not even. Demolished. Marion’s chocolate eyes did a quick sweep of the room and he looked relaxed. “Don’t worry about it. Oliver may be quick-tempered and flighty, but he isn’t daft. This was a temporary disruptive cast out of a tantrum.” “How can you tell? This is intense…” Marion’s eyes shot to one spot of the room then back at Jeremiah, “He left the clock — the pocket watch in that box over there — intact. Had that not been there, the cast would be irrevocable.”

Well, that was a relief. But Jeremiah was still dumbfounded with confusion. “Why destroy your own work, though?” Marion shrugged. “We all vent in our own way.” It was hard to believe the power of it all. The ferocity locked within that man’s mind. But then again, a glance in this room proved that chaos is never anything more or less than this, whether it was left for the world to see or trapped within your body. And it was why Jeremiah found it so difficult to be around the guy. Damn, if he had come any sooner…

Since nothing further could be done, Jeremiah carefully made his way back out the door. Marion closed off the room behind them and walked with the boy down the hall. “I was hoping to speak with him about something, but when he does come back, I still don’t think it would be a good time even then,” Jeremiah muttered. “What’s up?” He played it all out in his head first: the hopes of how he wanted it all to turn out, and then the reality. Truth was, he was scared of that man. And after seeing what he was capable of didn’t do much to tip the scale. This was a sign. It had to be. He decided to wave it off. “Nevermind, it’s not important.”


Oliver perched on top of the clock tower. His piercing blue eyes making an overlay of the land. He despised how easily it was for him to get pissed and even more so how easy it was to release it. But who the hell could blame him? He had a lot to be angry about. And he’ll deal with it however he damn well pleased, fuck you very much, Yeah… shit. Whatever.

He focused on the people scattered below him. Hover planes flew around him before descending to their destinations or continuing forth. The markets were absolutely cluttered. And further on the city melted and faded into wilderness that stretched on and on; going from grassy plains to thick forests and then to mountains. From there on out? Who knew.

He felt his marble ring vibrate softly, indicating he was being summoned. He unlocked the transmission with his mind. “Yeah?” he thought to it. “Hey, man.” It was Marion. “What.” It wasn’t like Marion to question the unusual displays of his outbursts, so he knew that wasn’t it. But there was something about the tone of his voice that struck an annoyance in Oliver in regards on how he left his study. “When you get back, I think you should talk to Jeremiah.” Okay, maybe not. But he waited for it. “Yeah, and why is that?” Marion took a breath. “He saw.” “And?” Wait for it.

"I think you need to tone yourself down." "Do you. Don’t tell me you thought I destroyed my studies. I thought you’d know better." "It ain’t about that. I knew it was a cast—" "Not at first, though." Oliver countered smugly. Still waiting for it.

Oliver could practically feel the scowl on the man’s face, and he grinned. “So, what about the boy?” he asked before Marion could comment any further. “Something happened with him and it’d be best if you approached him about it. He can’t come to you.” “If this is about his job, he knows it’s an absolute, binding contract. I cannot break it,” Oliver sighed impatiently. “Just talk to him, alright? And you better get your shit together, too, before you really screw up and do something you’ll regret.” And he disconnected.

Oliver waited for it and the explosion in his mind went off right on cue. “Fuck you, Marion…” he whispered. But he was right, as Marion often was; he wouldn’t say something that wasn’t true.

Oliver was losing it. He felt it as the days strolled by. He won’t last long going down this road, he had to find another path to take. It just didn’t help being on the same stretch of road for decades at a time with nothing to guide you but your pretentious, stubborn mind being led by a shelled body with no heart inside.


I look forward to writing! :D talk with you all soon! 

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So there will be a larger variety of writing on this blog from now on. Just so you all know, there is a whole page with links to every thing I’ve posted. Zekat will be signing all her stuff so you know it’s hers. I’m about to make her, her own page. 

I hope you all welcome her and show her the same love you’ve shown me. ^^ 

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